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  • 2. Quick CV improvements

  • You have a terrific CV, but need to add a few details to seal the deal with recruiters by increasing your technical score:

    a) Emphasize much more the languages in which you coded, since many recruiters look at this first: Start each work experience with the tech stack that you mainly used, putting the core keywords in bold. Eg, start your latest Zalando internship with 'Developed analytics tool for marketing department from scratch in Python, PostgreSQL and hosted it using AWS EC2 and Lambda'.

    b) Mention that you worked in a team, and shipped a valuable product, by adding: 'Worked with 1 devops engineer, 1 testing engineer and 1 frontend developer with weekly sprints; we shipped the beta version within 2 months, on time, and saw immediate strong daily usage from half of the marketing department, allowing them to increase the efficiency of their €10m+ annual marketing budget'.

    c) Restructure your CV by putting your most recent experience (your current computer science master at TU Munich) at the top. Otherwise you will be mentally compared to candidates with significant work experience and will make a less strong first impression to the recruiter. Furthermore, we suggest you remove your business internship at Optics GmbH, as this dilutes your story of being a great coder.

    d) Finally, you very briefly mention that you were in the board of directors of your university department's student council. This is great, and you should mention which tasks you performed, e.g. 'Responsible to draft suggestions with 3 other students on the use of 3 available rooms; presented suggestions at faculty board meeting and convinced board to adopt our suggestions'. This will further increase your leadership and soft skills scores.

3. Your cover letter for this job position

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Application as Senior JavaScript Developer (published at

Dear Daenerys,

I was excited to see an opening for a Frontend developer at Dragon Inc, as I have visited your exclusive beauty shop several times this year. I was particularly impressed by the speed of your website. You have a much better performance score (63) than other online shops (50) as indicated by Chrome's Lighthouse tool.

The position is very appealing as well, since I love improving the speed and accessability of e-shops. I see it as a personal challenge to improve respective KPIs while at the same time adding new features which customers request.

I have 4 years of experience in JavaScript and React and pride myself for refactoring my current company's e-shop using optimised React components. This decreased its time to first paint from 2 to 0.9 seconds. And the best thing: It increased our sales by 20%.

I can't wait to discuss this opportunity further and look forward to answering your questions. You can reach me at [email protected] and +48 1234 567890.


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