FAQ - CV feedback

You can read a sample CV feedback here. It includes:

  • Quick improvements for your CV

    What you should do to increase your chances to get invited with the least possible effort. For instance: Some applicants have good enough work experience, but lack an extracurricular activity, where they demonstrated leadership and teamwork. Others just need to change their presentation (remove certain experiences and add information at others) or double down on one area of expertise.

  • Quantiles

    Your quantile among applicants of top tech firms* (e.g. you are in the 65th quantile at "Technical skills", while the average is at 50 and the best is at 100). You will receive your quantile for several core dimensions.

  • Probabilities

    Your estimated probabilities to get invited into each of the following top firms:

Very good. Our database, and our eyes, have seen numerous resumes of applicants who were invited and even more of those who were not. In addition, our own tech & hiring experiences inform our understanding on which criteria are musts, which ones are nice-to-have and which ones may increase the variance of your application.

Currently, we first generate an automatic assessment based on our database. We then check your CV and the generated assessment to correct potential mistakes and insert some human intelligence.

We have measured in the past that our assessments provide real value to people looking to apply. In particular, we have often surprised people on each side: Some thought they had no chance, but we rightfully pointed out that they have. And some thought it will be a walk in the park when we explained to them that it might be more like a climb to Mount Everest.

Several factors are outside of our expertise and thus not considered in our feedback:

  • References of past working experiences
  • Timing. How many seats are still empty and need to be filled vs. how many applicants are in the pipeline? Chances may vary significantly between economic down- or upturns
  • Personal recommendations. From someone inside the company

And finally, there always is some degree of luck involved that none of us can control.

We take the security of your data very seriously

We have uploaded our own CVs and those of family members and friends. Thousands of candidates have already received personal feedback based on their CV. All connections to our website, which is hosted in Germany, are encrypted. You can find more information in our data protection policy.

You are in control

We never share your CV without your explicit consent.

You choose whether we only use your CV for your confidential CV feedback or whether selected recruiters from companies of your choice may see it as well.

Also, all CVs that can be read by the community under "Browse CVs" have been anonymised.

You have a right to be forgotten

We will delete all your personal data if you ask us here: [email protected]

The service is 100% free for candidates. We make money by referring the best candidates to selected companies of their choice.

We only refer candidates who have told us that they want to get in touch with these companies. We never share your data without your explicit consent.