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About us

Over the last decade we have been both: candidates & recruiters. We experienced the hassle of applying for jobs and the methods to pick the right person among thousands of applicants. And we saw that companies have an unfair advantage: technology.

An applicant often spends 1 hour to adapt their CV and fill out an application form. Meanwhile, companies have software systems that pick interviewees and auto-reject hundreds.

Besides, companies have detailed knowledge about their applicants. But you have no transparency about your chances to get in. Job ads are generic, you don't know your competition and some companies may not hire at all - despite their job ads. It's a black box.

This means that companies can pick their hires from hundreds of candidates while applicants can only apply to a few dozen companies to get an offer or two. It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Well, until now.

We cannot help applicants to shine in interviews for now. But we can help them get a loooot of interviews with no hassle. Recruiters call it massive attack. We call it job-application-as-a-service.

It is our mission to level the playing field for applicants: with technology.

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Trian Simon
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