About us

Over the last decade we have been both: candidates & recruiters. We have experienced the hassle of applying for jobs and the hassle of finding the right team members across thousands of applications. We found that the lack of transparency makes this process extremely challenging.

Job descriptions don’t tell you anything about your chances to get invited. You don’t know if 'experience' means 1 year or 4 years. You don’t even know if a company is actually hiring. Or if they just didn't bother to take the ad down. And finally, you don't know the level of applicants with which you compete.

We believe in transparency.

Imagine you would know immediately your probability to get invited to a job interview for a specific job. Imagine you could precisely tell which skill you're lacking to land a role at your dream company - so you could develop that skill.

We founded CVandMe to build this. By using transparency and technology.

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